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House in Gamagori

It is a one-storied house with courtyard, and its roof is spiral. This form could correspond to the surrounding environment and the necessary condition of interior. 

I designed a courtyard in order to protect people’s seeing from the private road of the east and south side. 
Since south of the site is a slight mountain, I arranged LDK on the north part to avoid the shadow of the mountain. 
The roof of south part is low, it could be kept lighting and fine view. 
The roof of west side is slightly high to prevent neighbor from seeing and the afternoon sun.
The entrance porch faces parents’ house, which is located on the opposite side of the load. 
The public road between their houses could be an integrated garden.
You can see a nice landscape from the highest loft. 
Moreover, the pitch of roof is the same as a slope of the site. 

The lowest ceiling space is an entrance, and it brings a spread effect to the inside as the small entrance to Japanese tea ceremony room. 
According to body size, a ceiling height of the bedrooms goes up little by little, from a younger child, an older child to a wife and a husband.
The LDK where family gather and various activities are performed has the highest ceiling.  

Since the height of a ceiling changes gently, each space has their own individual without completely being separated each other.
As individual room and distance of family are kept, I considered that the family lives together comfortably.

Project info:
location: gamagori, aichi, japan
principal use: private house
design period: march.2010-august.2010
construction period: october.2010-july.2011
structure: wooden, 1 story
site area: 234.12sq.m
building area: 118.57sq.m
total floor area: 114.86sq.m
max height: 5,029 mm
structural engineer: takashi takamizawa
general contractor: KINOSHITA Construction Co., Ltd.
photographs: Hiroshi Ueda


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Kazuki Moroe Architects

About Project

One-storied house with courtyard and spiral roof in Gamagori, Japan by Kazuki Moroe Architects.


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