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House in Yamanashi

It is a house for young couple and three children.
This house faces new towns and old towns,Because this site is at the edge of a newly developed area.
We planned that the two buildings with relevance to the new town and the old town overlapped,and we planned a staircase room between the two buildings and connected the three spaces.
This staircase room is a complex place that new towns and old towns appear in buildings.
Using this complexity, we wanted to create a building that encompasses the lively life of the lively five people living in this house.

1,Project Name: House in Yamanashi
2,Architect or Architecture Firm: UENOA
3,Office Website: http://uenoa.com
4,Contact Email: [email protected]
5,Completion Year: 2015
6,Built Area (m2 or sqft): 117.89 m2
7,Project Location: Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
8,Photographer: Satoshi Shigeta, Naomichi Sode, UENOA
9,Architect in Charge: Yoshinori Hasegawa+Fumie Horikoshi
Structure: Ryotaro Sakata / Ryotaro Sakata Structural Design Office
Photography ©Satoshi Shigeta



About Project

House in Yamanashi, Japan by UENOA.


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