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House NI
by 1-1 Architects [ichinoichi]
The site is a residential area located in the urbanization control area near Nagoya city, development by developers is rapidly progressing around. The clients are a married couple just before the retirement age and his mother who lived there for many years, and the 50 - year - old wooden house where the owner lives at the time was…
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Lucien Cornil student residence Marseilles
by A+ Architecture
Lucien Cornil student residence, an eight-floors building with wooden structure in Marseilles designed by A+ Architecture.
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New build daycare centre in Allschwil
A red wooden nursery in Allschwil, Switzerland by Flubacher-Nyfeler + Partner Architekten.
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House in Ohguchi
by Airhouse
House in Ohguchi in Japan by Keiichi Kiriyama / Airhouse.
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