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House in Ohguchi

This house is located on a narrow and long lot facing frontal roads on three sides. The client requested a home-cum-office with an open living-dining-kitchen space with high ceiling, which would be used as his own web design office; and he wanted to keep an appropriate distance between the work zone and the daily living zone where his wife does housework.  Because the lot was narrow in the east-west direction, it was difficult to have a sufficient building width. Therefore, the floor plan was positioned obliquely to secure the necessary areas. The building corners were rounded to alleviate the building’s oppressive impression standing on the corner site; and an exterior space where lush greenery would be planted was provided by securing enough open space on the site. In this way, we intended to create an appropriate distance between the building and the roads and give it a gentle impression, while the lush greenery in the open area would provide natural scenery like a forest in the surrounding environment. As a result, we successfully realized architecture in the middle between house and office, and created an interior space with a natural feeling and an embracing atmosphere generated by the form based on curved lines. We think that this project is providing richness to both the family and the surrounding environment.
Architect Information:

Keiichi Kiriyama / Airhouse
1-10-40 3F higashisakura higashiku Nagoya city 461-0005/Japan
Phone : +81-052-212-5108
Fax   : +81-052-212-5109
E-mail : [email protected]
URL  : www.airhouse,jp

Credit Information:

Architecture : Keiichi Kiriyama / Airhouse
Structure : Ohno Japan
Photography : Toshiyuki Yano

Project Outline:

Location : Ohguchicho,Aichi
Date of Complication : March 2016
Principal Use : Private House
Structure : Wooden
Site area : 170.58㎡
Total Floor Area : 97.39㎡


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About Project

House in Ohguchi in Japan by Keiichi Kiriyama / Airhouse.


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