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Salburúa Civic Center


The Civic Center is a building that combines sporting, cultural and administrative uses to service the neighborhood Salburua in Vitoria.
The project conceives the civic center as a gathering of people to carry out various social, cultural, recreational or sports activities.

The program of the building is divided into three levels:
– The ground floor has more public uses such as a café, lounge, hall, conference room, etc.
– The basement has all sports facilities except for the pool.
– The first floor has administrative areas, cultural spaces (library, study room, Infotek and workshops) and the pool with its own dressing room.

The floor conveys this concept of diffusion thanks to a glass façade through which you can see what is happening inside, and even across the street, establishing a fusion between urban space and inside the civic center, strengthening its public character.
In contrast, the first floor has a less permeable, more abstract language, avoiding the usual human scale, in order to obtain a stronger and more powerful image. 
Despite being a very compact building of approximately 110×60 meters, it is very bright thanks to the many patios that traverse the entire building and that help establish visual relationships between the various activities taking place in the center.

Project: Salburua Civic Center
Location: Barrio de Salburua, Vitoria-Gasteiz
Client: Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz
Area: Sports
Service: Complete integrated project
Kind of project: New building
Project director: Juan Luis Geijo (Project); Juan Dávila (Works)
Office: IDOM
Project Architect: Gonzalo Carro IDOM
Other architects: Maria Robredo, Oscar Ferreira, Javier Manjón, Aintzane Gastelu-Iturri, Daniela Bustamante, Beatriz Pagoaga, Aitziber Olarte
Project Management: Juan Luís Geijo; Juan Dávila
Costs: Juan Dávila
Structures: Unai Mardones
Environmental Engineering: Camino López, Federíco Reguero
Lighting: Elena Guezuraga, Susaeta iluminación
Public Health Services: Beatriz Lorenzo
Electrical Engineering: Elena Guezuraga
Telecommunications: Elena Guezuraga
Fire Strategy: Beatriz Lorenzo
CAD: Itziar Ramírez, Arrate López de Maturana, Gorka Arceniaga, Marta García
Administration: Edurne Jiménez de Aberasturi, Emma Luna, Josune Moreno
Site Supervision: Gonzalo carro – María Robredo
Construction execution management: Juan Dávila – Sara Barredo
Site Management: Sara Barredo
Photographer: Aitor Ortiz
Constructor: UTE VIAS – OPACUA
Area: 12.840 m2
Project: 6 months, 2010-2011
Execution: 24 months, 2013 – 2015
Full integrated mission: contest of Ideas; Preliminary draft; Basic design, project implementation, project facilities, project structures, architecture and engineering projects, site supervision, construction execution management.


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About Project

Salburúa Civic Center, a building that combines sporting, cultural and administrative in Vitoria-Gasteiz by IDOM.


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