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Rösmatt Rodersdorf housing association

The three building shells (a replacement building and two new buildings) allude to the former farm buildings in the farmstead areas, given the absence of protrusions and recesses and therefore their simple design. The replacement building that was completed at a later date adopts the development structure and gable design of high street development and is a continuation of this.
The two new buildings completed (and shown here) were developed at the lowest point of the plot and follow the site as it falls away slightly to create a required graduation of the ridge heights between the two adjacent street areas. With their position they accentuate the new replacement building as the main and front building. The rhythmic street area with front gardens and squares that narrow and widen out again evolve as a result.
A small square, giving the place its identity, forms the prelude to the new complex comprising a total of twelve apartments and a studio.


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Flubacher-Nyfeler + Partner Architekten AG

About Project

Rösmatt Rodersdorf housing association in Rodersdorf, Switzerland by Flubacher-Nyfeler + Partner Architekten.


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