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Pavilion of Culture and Heritage Saint-Gilles


A velvet palm in a steel glove. Les Halles (the covered market) in Saint-Gilles, opened in 1912, is of the same architectural class as Les Halles in Paris designed by Victor Baltard, or even Les Halles Castellane in Montpellier. These buildings, public by definition, are historical places of meeting and city life.
With the evolution of modern lifestyles, cars and mass distribution, these places have often lost the market activity that lived within them, but without losing their architectural quality. Les Halles in Saint-Gilles is a perfect example of this: unused but still in very good condition.
The aim of the project was to bring public activity back to the heart of the building, and the revamped structure was a perfect fit for the programme’s ambition. Its strategic position in the historical centre makes this project a godsend for everyone in Saint-Gilles.

Project: Restructuring of the old covered market to create a House of Culture and Heritage comprising: a reception area, multi-purpose hall (seating 284), offices, dressing rooms and bathrooms
Client: Town of Saint-Gilles
Location: Saint-Gilles, Gard, France
Team: A+Architecture, Verdier, L’Echo, Celsius Environnement, CREA Factory, Epsilon GE, Studio DAP, Arteba, Veritas, EGSA
Task(s): MOP law on public project contracting and its relationship to private project management; construction schedule supervision and coordination (OPC)
Floor space: 505 m2 (before construction: 440 m2)
Cost: €1,946,000 (excl. tax)
Status: Contract won 2012 – Completed June 2017
Photos © Marie-Caroline Lucat


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A+ Architecture

About Project

Restructuring of the old covered market to create a House of Culture and Heritage in Saint-Gilles, Gard, France by A+ Architecture.


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