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Residential Building Choriner Straße
by Modersohn & Freiesleben
Residential Building Choriner Straße in Berlin by Modersohn & Freiesleben.
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TOR 149
A new apartment building in Berlin-Mitte by GRAFT.
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by Jan Rosler Architekten
The Mini Apartment is situated in Berlin-Kreuzberg, at the first floor of a Wilhelminian housing complex from the end of the 19th century. The original space of the old apartment was divided in order to fit two smaller dwellings - a compact and efficient living space, embodying Berlin’s urbanity.
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by Jan Rosler Architekten
The Ökonomiebau provides a small shelter for an agricultural vehicle in the urban hinterland of Berlin. The construction is thus reduced to the necessary and succeeds in being a simple but not shallow solution. The basic structure traces the minimalistic image of the archetypical volume, while industrial wooden slats overlap each other and create the outer layer and the impermeability of the construction.
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by Jan Rosler Architekten
Transformation of a video library to a 750 m2 nursery. The original floor plan with its polygon shape and its unusual depth turns daylight to the essential aspect of the design concept.
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St. Canisius Catholic Church
by Büttner Neumann Braun Architekten
Katholische Kirche St. Canisius in Berlin.
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