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St. Canisius Catholic Church

The Saint Canisius Church is already the 3rd holy building located at Witzlebenstraße 30, in Berlin Charolottenburg. The original Canisius chappel was destroyed during WW2 and the much larger church which was built during the 50’s burned down in 1995. This new dome planned by Prof. Heike Büttner, Claus Neumann and George Braun, was erected during 2000 to 2002 and won the “Architekturpreis Berlin” in 2003. 
Büttner, Neumann & Braun created an inviting and intriguing structure based simply on the shape of the cube and they understood how to bridge tradition and the modern. It seems as if today’s churches are built for the purpose of providing the proper surroundings for meditation and finding inner peace. The “who can go the furthest-madness” has moved to more lucrative sectors.
Photos © urbanvisuell
Photos © Stefan Müller, Berlin


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