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Signal Barn

Located in Kamifurano, Hokkaido, this lot is occupied by Farm Tomita, a famous sightseeing spot. Without any landmark at the entrance to the farm, the large line of people, cars, and buses caused a certain amount of confusion. Thus, there was a need for a signal or gate at the main entrance. I began by researching a variety of thing like the state of the line and the existing facilities.

The results and the issue of visibility prompted me to create a volume using various sizes of house forms. Although they had a special application as a signal, by erecting the forms there, I attempted to create a new comfortable place that would serve as a trigger on the site.

Photos: Courtesy of jun igarashi architects


Image Polyphonic The theme of this house is air volume. This house…
by Jun Igarashi Architects
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Image House M House M in Hokkaido, Japan by Jun Igarashi Architects. Photograhper:…
by Jun Igarashi Architects
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Jun Igarashi Architects

About Project

Wooden signal barn in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan by Jun Igarashi Architects.


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