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Mountain Cabin

The task was to convert an Alpine mountain cabin – a sleeping beauty that had remained unused for decades – into a habitable summerhouse for one person and a guest. First, the roughly 100 years old building was extricated of several constructive layers from different time periods. The resurfacing larch wood “Strick“ with its imperfections, patina and smoke marks was then left bare: rotten logs were replaced or repaired, and the joints stuffed with sheep wool. The roof was largely substituted and newly isolated. In the living room a massive larch wood floor and an iron stove got installed. To make the cellar habitable as a sleeping chamber, it was excavated, plastered and filled with a new concrete floor. Window frames and small cabinetry were executed throughout in luxurious ebony woods that stood in contrast with the otherwise simple spirit of the cabin.
Mountain Cabin       
Photographer: Dino Simonett


Image House with a Tree Maintaining the tenderness and charm of the existing house from…
by Sauter von Moos
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Sauter von Moos

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Mountain Cabin, converted from an unused Alpine mountain cabin into a summerhouse by Sauter von Moos.


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