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Kyeong Dok Jai

SLICED PIE-SHAPED LAYOUT – For introducing southern sunlight in winter
We selected eco-friendly layout which was composed by three sliced pie- shaped zone that contain southern axis to introduce winter sunlight into inner and exterior space of this house.
In this small site, about 230㎡, we try to maximize the area of garden and to characterize the variety of gardens where are piloted approach garden, inner garden, piloted pavilion garden, sunken garden, roof garden.
ECO-SCREEN FACADE – Filter for summer sunlight, noise, privacy and security
We covered front facade with aluminium pipe screen for filtering summer-hot-sunlight, noise for keeping privacy, protection from criminals.
TRADITON SCAPING – Floating&Strolling
Floating shape – Dynamic curve in white aluminium pipe-screen as exterior skin is derived from the curve of “Cheoma” of traditional roof. And perforated concrete fence is metaphor of the form of traditional stone fence.
Strolling space – All the program of spaces of this house were laid out as the touring course that has dramatic interest of “strolling” through the inside and outside of this house, visually and spatially.
PROGRAM OF “FAMILY LOVE” – Concert hall-like space
For increasing the “family love”, we designed concert hall-like “one complex space” where are living room, dining room at 2nd floor and study room, child’s bed rooms, bar, piano and drum stage at stair floor and 3rd floor.
Thereby, all the members of family always interact each other in common life.
The white-curved aluminium pipe screen plays a role in producing some image of collage of various element of this house which is translucent and non-architectural.
And so, we add non-architectural landscape to this residential context which is shaped with continuous house of similarity.
Architect : HyoMan Kim – IROJE KHM Architects
Design team : Kyung Jin-Jung, SeungHee-Song,
Su Kyung-Jang
Location : 1108-4, Haengsindong, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Use: Residence
Site area : 236.30 ㎡
Bldg. area : 115.68 ㎡
Gross floor area : 329.66 ㎡
Structure : Concrete rahmen
Exterior finishing : Dry-vit, Aluminium pipe, glass
Interior finishing : Confloor, Wood flooring, V.P, Urethan paint on steel plate.

Photographer : Jong Oh Kim (E-mail : [email protected])


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by IROJE KHM Architects
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IROJE KHM Architects

About Project

A house with aluminium pipe screen and strolling space in Gyeonggi-do, Korea by IROJE KHM Architects.


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