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IMO Instituto de Microcirugía Ocular Ronda de Dalt

The processes of conception and execution have been long, in the first case, because of urban changes that affected the shape of the sun, in the second, because of the complexity of the site and construction. In any case, we have maintained from the beginning two ideas:

La Ronda de Dalt, while limiting the Barcelona ‘belt’ in relation to the Sierra de Collserola, was seen as a way of movement and access, but above all, as the boundary between the city and the mountains, between construction and natural terrain.

Appraisal is not entirely true because the city has settled (as in our case) part of the natural terrain, but it can still be seen that the Ronda de Dalt marks a certain limit of the city.
This domain is translated physically on the ground through a considerable slope, which must qualify, no doubt, the building that it occupies.

The building, then located on the “Parc de Collserola” should respond to these natural conditions or circumstances entirely different from those that would have taken placed on the “city”. If the first alternative option was to hide or camouflage the building behind a small forest in the following, when we were compelled to advance much the building in relation to the Ronda de Dalt, the options are focused on using the topography or slopes of the site as a tool to define the morphology of the building.

The program of the IMO, essentially articulated (as in similar cases) in plants operating theaters, and areas of study and parking management, or is meant by the fact that most of the activity took place without natural light (consultations, operating rooms) and, in contrast was very necessary, as a counterpoint, in waiting areas, rest or private work.
Explain the use of the building, dedicated to eye care, has led us to propose a route with different covers and sunscreens, from the street to the waiting rooms in natural light, too intense and abroad, reduced perceived and comfortable once you get to the waiting areas.
Photos © Julio Cunhill


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