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Fire Work Villa


It has achieved the maiximum area and the height.

The site is located in the residential area near the city area of Matsuyama City.There are two main requests from the client, one is to have all the living space on the sunny second floor, and the other is to be able to watch the fireworks in summer.
To ensure the second floor area, we first considered the size of the building by building-to-land ratio. Keep waste to less than 1%, we planned the building to become the maximum area. Also the client demanded to have all the LDK, bedrooms, and bathrooms to be faced to the garden, we placed the wooden terrace to the south side, and the garden built in wellhole style from the first floor on the north side and laid the living room between them.
The rooftop can be reached by outdoor stairs on north side garden. To be able to watch the fireworks, we calculated the height of the building by the regulation for the height of buildings and achieved the best height.
Within the regulation, the plan has being utilized to the maximum.

Location: Mathuyama, Ehime,Japan
Architects: Teruki Takayoshi,Kumiko Yamaguchi / TT Architects
Structural consultants: Seiji Kimura, Nami Kondou, Masako Notohara/ Kurashiki Structural Planning Ltd.
Landscape gardener: Hidemasa Takada / Souzoen
General constructors: HIroshi Yamauchi / Fujizokei
Photographer: Kei Sugino
Site area:139.94 sq m
Building area: 82.8 sq m
Total floor area: 124.2 sq m
Structure: wood: 2story
Principal use: private residence
Construction period: December,2014


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by TT Architects
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TT Architects

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Fire Work Villa in Mathuyama by Japanese architects Teruki Takayoshi,Kumiko Yamaguchi / TT Architects.


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