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A House in Tanakahigashitakahara-cho

A house renovation in Tanakahigashitakahara-cho, Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan by Shigenori Uoya Architects and Associates.

Architect: Shigenori Uoya Architects and Associates 
Location: Kyoto
Type: independent residence (renovation)
Site area: 217.41m2
Building area: 79.99m2
Total Floor area: 77.01m2 
Completion: 2015
Structure: Wood 
Photos: Takeshi Ikei

Before renovation
After renovation


Image Kyoto-Model: A House With 3 Walls Architect: Shigenori Uoya ,Miwako Masaoka,Takeshi Ikei Structure Design: Kenichi Onosato…
by Shigenori Uoya Architects and Associates
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