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Swedbank Stadium
by C.F. Møller Architects
Swedbank Stadium is a modern and elegant football stadium which focuses on providing a close relationship between the players and the public, to create the maximum experience. The human scale comprises the primary point of departure for an architectural design which is readable and recognisable at various levels in the arena, foyer and exterior. Simplicity is at once evident in this 21 000 seats stadium, one of the largest sports complexes in Northern Europe. Exposed steel trusses emphasise the modern gothic architectural expression, with sharp angles and black clad exterior facades to create a straight forward perception. The flat surfaces of the inside roof are designed to amplify the noise reflection from the ceiling. Frames have been fabricated in a maximum of three parts in the factory to minimize transportation cost and provide a fast erection. The result is a cost effective steel construction beside a strong architectural expression. The stadium enjoys a central location in the Stadium Area, Malmö, immediately adjacent to the classic Malmö Stadium, built in 1958. Between the old and the new stadium, a connecting square is built: the Stadium Square. Overlooking the square is a restaurant with room for 2,000 sitting guests. The restaurant – like the shops, conference facilities, offices, etc. – is open all year round and functions like a new living-room for the citizens of Malmö. The stadium meets the criteria for a category 3 stadium under UEFA rules, and is the home ground of Malmö FC.
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Bilbao Arena and Sports center
Bilbao Arena and Sports center, a fresh green stadium in spain by IDOM.
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