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Uehi! House

A house for a married couple who are Italian language instructors and their two children. The house had to have public space for lessons, film screenings and parties as well as private space for the family to relax. But the clients also wanted a feeling of “connection” between the two types of space. On the small lot, we created a salon and dining room with 4.7 metre ceilings, then arrayed smaller rooms around the two larger ones, and installed two spiral staircases to allow free movement between the rooms, all to create a sense of connection. We cut windows into the walls between rooms so that occupants can always call “uehi!” (“hey!” in Italian) to each other, just as though they were in the back streets of Naples.
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Use: Private House
Year: 2005.12
Photographer : Daici Ano


Image Drawer House The residential functions are condensed into one side of the…
by Nendo
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About Project

Uehi! House (uehi!: “hey!” in Italian) in Tokyo by nendo.


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