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Palheiros Archeological Interpretation Center

Careful attention was paid to how a visitor would access the building, therefore it is limited to only a winding pedestrian pathway aimed to observe the site and buildings relationship with the extraordinary Tua River valley. Located in Murca, Portugal the Archeological Interpretation Center camouflages itself within the landscape while providing the necessary reception of visitors.

This building was constructed as infrastructure to support the archaeological site of Crasto Lofts.  It consists of a reception area, interpretation center, exhibition space, parking, and paths to visit the site with corresponding signage.

The interior space is open and fluid having enclosures only when necessary, for the sanitary facilities and water tank. The space hosts a small exhibition consisting of different materials and objects from the archaeological dig, and has a video installation where they spend time explaining the site recovery.

Photos © Nelson Garrido

Photos © Nelson Garrido


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