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Hammock Gallery

This is a small art gallery in large camphor trees of a new park in Fukuoka. The structure of this gallery is a suspension system like a hammock in a forest. It’s floor and roof are both steel- concrete composite slabs hanged from the column walls between trees, which is an extension of its piles from the ground. The curved surface of the roof is a catenary shape following to a force of gravity. The suspended slab works to lead people from the park into this gallery, and suspended roof works to make shades on the inside of the gallery. People will appreciate arts of the gallery with comfort like in a hammock in the forest.
Location: Fukuoka, Japan
Photographer: Kai Nakamura


Image Office of wickerwork Object of the work The office of a company running recycling…
by Hirokazu Suemitsu + Yoko Suemitsu / SUEP.
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Hirokazu Suemitsu + Yoko Suemitsu / SUEP.

About Project

Hammock Gallery in Fukuoka, Japan by Hirokazu Suemitsu + Yoko Suemitsu / SUEP.


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