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Autostadt roof and service pavilion

Driver assistance systems, including automatic parking, traffic sign recognition and automatic distance control, are becoming more common in today’s cars. The new ‘Ausfahrt’ (exit) at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg offers guests an opportunity to try out these technical systems in models manufactured by Volkswagen. This helps to ensure safer driving in road traffic. Covering 15,000 square meters, the new driving attraction was built in ten months’ time and opened in August 2013.
GRAFT was commissioned to create a quiet area where the buyer of a new car could get familiar with all the functions in an almost private atmosphere. The space had to be protected from rain and direct sunlight, while allowing enough daylight to avoid the usage of energetically expensive and unnecessary artificial light.
GRAFT developed the idea of a horizontal leaf that protects the landscape underneath with its organic form. “WES-Landschaftsarchitektur” planned the landscape surrounding the roof.
In the architectural application of this image, it was necessary to produce the greatest possible lightness: A special static principle allows for the unique roof structure to be anchored in just two points. It lays in the landscape and defines a clear and protected room. The planning of the structural framework was done by “schlaich bergermann partner”.
The orientation of the roof represents a welcoming gesture through its curvature. The elegant amorphous geometry of the roof structure forms an evident bridge between top and bottom, between sky and landscape.
The associated service pavilion fulfills various functions: the customer can ask questions about his new car, purchase accessories or get information about Autostadt attractions and activities. As the roof follows the concept of a leaf, the pavilion is integrated into the architectural landscape and not designed as a separate building. Basic forms of the roof can be found in the interior architecture.
Project Team

Architect     GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH I www.graftlab.com
Heidestraße 50, 10557 Berlin
Founding Partners: Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project Manager: Stefanie Götz
Project Team: Aurelius Weber, Andrea Göldel, Sebastian Massmann, Paulo de Araujo, Tade Godbersen, Berta Sola

Planning of the structural framework
schlaich bergermann partner I www.sbp.de
Brunnenstraße 110c, 13355 Berlin

Landscape Architect
WES – Landschaftsarchitektur I www.wes-la.de
Jarrestraße 80, 22303 Hamburg

Contractor Roof Structure
Eiffel Deutschland Stahltechnologie GmbH I www.eiffel.de
Hackethalstraße 4, 30179 Hannover
with Taiyo Europe GmbH I www.taiyo-europe.com
Mühlweg 2, 82054 Sauerlach   

Architekt: GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH I www.graftlab.com Heidestraße 50, 10557 Berlin
Tragwerksplanung : Schlaich Bergermann und Partner I www.sbp.de Brunnenstraße 110c, 13355 Berlin
Landschaftsplaner: WES – Landschaftsarchitektur I www.wes-la.de Jarrestraße 80, 22303 Hamburg

Projektsteuerung: Kolhof GmbH | www.kolhof.de
Infrastruktur: niermann-consult |www.niermann-consult.de
Infrastruktur SiGe: Behrendt Ingenieure GmbH | www.behrendt-ingenieure.de
Nachhaltigkeit: Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH | www.transsolar.com
Beleuchtungsplanung: Kardorff Ingenieure | www.kardorff.de
TGA Planung: Brandi IGH Ingenieure GmbH | www.brandi-igh.de
Planung ELA: Taube+Goerz | www.taube-goerz.de
Bodengutachter: IUP. Ingenieure | www.iup-net.de
IT-Planung: ssm rhein-ruhr gmbh
Außenanlagen: lanungsbüro Hoffmann | www.planungsbuero-hoffmann.de
Bauüberwachung:  Inros Lackner AG  | www.inros-lackner.de

Ausführende Firmen
Dachtragwerk:  Eiffel Deutschland Stahltechnologie GmbH I www.eiffel.de mit Taiyo Europe GmbH I www.taiyo-europe.com
Bohrpfalzgründung: Jacbo Pfahlgründungen GmbH
Stahlbetonarbeiten: Kümper+Schwarze Baubetriebe GmbH
Vermessung: hpm Vermessung; www.hpm-vermessung.de
Montage Stahlbau: IMO Leipzig GmbH
                                PH Bewehrungstechnik GmbH
Brandmeldeanlage: Siemens AG (RD BS)
Einbruchmeldeanlage: Termath AG
Elektroinstallation: Rundfunk GmbH & Co. KG Gernrode
Heizung, Lüftung, Sanitär: Hartung Heizung und Sanitär GmbH
Wachhäuser: König Glasbau GmbH
Dachdeckerarbeiten: Dachdeckerei Achilles
Estricharbeiten: Dengs Estrichbau GmbH
MSR: Honeywell Building Solutions GmbH
Schlosserarbeiten: Lutz Schäfer GmbH, Metallbau & Montage
Statische Berechnung     
Winkelstützmauer: Ingenieurbüro H.-J. Ritter Diplomingenieure
Grünanlagen: Dörries GaLaBau GmbH | www.doerriesGaLaBau.de
Kampfmittelsondierung: KMP Kampfmittelbergung GmbH, www.kmb-gmbh.com

Rohbau: Kümper+Schwarze Baubetriebe GmbH
Metallbau: Vetterkind Metallbau GmbH, Wolfenbüttel
Innenausbau: Bode Innenausbau, Wolfsburg
Tischlerarbeiten: Tischlerei Schöne, Wolfsburg
Polsterarbeite: Ambiente Raumausstattung & Antik GmbH, Wolfsburg

Location: Wolfsburg, Germany
Year: 2013
Client: Autostadt Wolfsburg

Photos: Tobias Hein, Berlin
Site Plan: WES LandschaftsArchitektur


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