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A Path in the Forest

In the elegant woods of Kadriorg, we added a path.
A path which relies on the forest as it flutters through the woods with over 300 years of age.
I feel that the appearance of the woods slightly changes when you walk along this path. We no longer are looking up at the woods from the ground but we get closer to the leaves and sliver through the branches. It is a piece of
architecture which exists for the woods as the forest exists for the architecture. We can not change the form of the forest but we think the various elements in a forest can become one entity in this condition.
I hope that we can experience a forest, architecture, and an environment which we do not know yet.
Project Name: A Path in the Forest
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Use: Installation( LIFT11 Urban Installation Festival curated by Margit Aule)
Photographer: Tetsuo Kondo Architects
Design Period: August, 2011 – September, 2011
Completion Period: September, 2011


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Tetsuo Kondo Architects

About Project

A path in the forest of Tallinn, Estonia by japanese office Tetsuo Kondo Architects.


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