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Signal Barn
by Jun Igarashi Architects
Wooden signal barn in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan by Jun Igarashi Architects.
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House in Gamagori
by Kazuki Moroe Architects
One-storied house with courtyard and spiral roof in Gamagori, Japan by Kazuki Moroe Architects.
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Replacement building MFH “Wollmatweg” in Dornach
Replacement building MFH “Wollmatweg” in Dornach, Switzerland by Flubacher-Nyfeler + Partner Architekten.
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Community Church Knarvik
by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Community Church Knarvik in Knarvik, Hordaland, Norway by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter.
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Nursing Home “JO-KIGEN”
A nursing home has the space open towards inside and outside by Hideki Iwahori Architectural Design Office.
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Multi-aged community centre
by Burnazzi Feltrin Architects
Multi aged community centre in Poggio Picenze, L'Aquila, Italy by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti.
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Training centre in Carvin, France
by Atelier 2 + 1
An urban flagship on an old mining wasteland.
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House H
by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects
A house with Y-shape columns in Chiba, Japan by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects.
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House 119
by Takeshi Hosaka Architects
The cross-sectional and longitudinal aspects of scale.
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Casa ITU
by Studio Arthur Casas
Casa ITU in Itú, São Paulo, Brazil by Studio Arthur Casas.
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