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I6-house「House with sunlight through the leaves of trees」
by Sato Masahiko
I6 House is a design plan for a house that is located in developing rural housing area in Isahaya city Nagasaki Prefecture. The eaves and wall of each masses that is slanted towards the skies with different directions is covering the mass of the house finished in red cedar material. The building stands as a sculpture in a harmonious peaceful rural environment, aiming for an iconic architecture structure. Entering the house one can see from entrance through a big windows how tender light penetrate from 2nd floor along with vegetation welcoming the family and guest entering the house. The 1st floor is composed of master bedroom and childs bedroom,oriented facing the lightcourt gentle light entering both rooms and the entrance hall like a sunlight penetrating through trees, maximizing natural daylighting while ensuring privacy and security of each room. The red cedar wall and stairs cantilevered on it creating a warm and gentle space, together with indirect lighting comes from bottom part of the handrail producing overall ambience of the space. The ceiling of living room on 2nd floor which has same angle with the roof elevating towards the lightcourt creating a sense of openness to nature . By applying red cedar finishes on the ceiling it gives a sense of unity with the external appearance with its sense of composure. Vertical wooden shade elements in terrace balcony that connected directly to living, dining, and guest room protecting each room privacy while maximizing natural daylighting. I6-house「House with sunlight through the leaves of trees」is a house that is design so that family can spend a good times enjoying social interaction on BBQ or private party in the terrace space, living, and dining on a clear sunny days.
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Trübel – New residential building in Dielsdorf
by L3P Architekten
Trübel - New residential building, Rebhang, Dielsdorf by L3P Architekten.
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Residential Building Choriner Straße
by Modersohn & Freiesleben
Residential Building Choriner Straße in Berlin by Modersohn & Freiesleben.
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Residential development “Ziegelhof” in Oberwil
Residential development “Ziegelhof” in Oberwil, 2011 by Flubacher-Nyfeler + Partner Architekten.
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Residential Tower Hirzenbach
by Boltshauser Architekten
A high-rise apartment in Zürich by Boltshauser Architekten.
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