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New Office Design for the ICADE Premier House, Munich


The implementation of the company philosophy in architectural corporate identity is reflected not only in the entrance lobby, the cafeteria, the conference areas, the auditorium, and the management areas, but also in the design of the workplaces. The new style emphasizes perfectly the company’s slogan – quality in everything we do. The open character of the building is enhanced by bright, elegant colors in the entrance hall. The use of wood, natural stone and Corian as a recurring design element produces a natural, warm atmosphere. The design concept runs through the entire object; even the elevators are lined with natural stone, and the façades of the entrance hall are adorned with it. As the dominant color, a strong Bordeaux red was chosen for carpets and leather coverings to provide a contrast to the partially illuminated white and the warm wood tones. The auditorium is one of the gems of this object, providing a successful symbiosis between the Corian as the enclosing casing for the interior and exterior and the use of warm wood and technical fabric wall covering for the interior. The library also deserves attention with its division into reception, reading, and lending areas. The cafeteria exudes a friendly, open character: both the choice of colors and the furniture invite visitors to linger.

Client: professional services firm
Function: entrance lobby, conference areas, auditorium, cafeteria, library, communication areas, 650 workplaces 
Area: 22.500 m2
Date of Completion: 2010/2011
Photographer: Werner Huthmacher


Landau + Kindelbacher

About Project

New Office Design for the ICADE Premier House in Munich by Landau + Kindelbacher.


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