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A suburban house in Mie, Japan by +S/Shintaro Matsushita+Takashi Suzuki.
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by Jan Rosler Architekten
Haus Stein in Druxberge, Germany. A conversion of an unused barn from the 1930's into a vacation residence.
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House in Toki
by Kazuki Moroe Architects
House in Toki with wood cladding by Kazuki Moroe Architects.
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House in Pedrogão
by Phyd Arquitectura
Below the ground upon the air. A concrete house in Pedrogão, Portugal by Phyd Arquitectura.
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Kyoto-Model: A House With 3 Walls
A House with 3 walls in Kyoto by Shigenori Uoya Architects and Associates.a
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Renovation House Lendenmann
by L3P Architekten
Sculptural construction behind a historical backdrop.
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House in Gokurakuji
House in Gokurakuji by Naoya Kawabe Architect & Associates.
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Floating House in Ogasa
by Shuhei Goto Architects
A floating House in Ogasa by Shuhei Goto Architects.
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Ga On Jai
by IROJE KHM Architects
A house with garden in Gyeonggi by IROJE KHM Architects.
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House in Kosai
by Shuhei Goto Architects
House in Kosai, Shizuoka, Japan by Shuhei Goto Architects.
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