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The agency Atelier 2 + 1 was founded in 2010 by Matthias Boronkay and-Duy Hiep Vo, two architects by vocation sharing an entrepreneurial passion. They met in a professional setting. A partnership was born. Their architectural works are even more efficient today as they are part of a mutual goal. Multi skilled, keen on architecture, the building site is inscribed in the DNA of the Agency. They have an acute knowledge of laws, standards and rules of the legal framework of projects. Landmark of this efficient synergy, the equation 2 + 1 actually corresponds to two separate entities plus one which is the sum of both.
\"Work in progress? \" Without a doubt ! Matthias and-Duy Hiep, beyond the already completed projects can rely on the confidence shown by the project owners with repeat orders. This acknowledgement is reflected by the involvement of the Agency at the very start of the projects, whether it is advising the client for the choice of the land, the assessment of needs or the requirements specification and / or the setting up of the program. These various driving forces allowed them in just a few years, and through sophisticated construction sites, to acquire experiences in various fields. These skills allow the Agency Atelier 2 + 1 to deliver its achievements on time and on budget. Matthias-and Duy Hiep affirm their ambition to work both in the public and private sectors.
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